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NPC to start this Task

Word up Front

This zone is meant as a stepping stool between Ashengate and Crystallos.
It is recommended to have around 150K AC and 900K HP.
Ofcourse you can attempt with less, but it might be tricky.
To put an example with this, a Shadowknight with 170k AC, buffs and defensive stance, can get hit for up to 326K dmg, average hits of around 90K dmg.

Talking to this NPC, who can be found in Lake of Ill Omen, will give you two options to start a mission.
Clicking on the 'easier' option gives the mission to Veksar.
Clicking on the 'trouble' option gives the mission to start Kurn's Tower

The Task

The task requires you to do the following :
The Bosses :

Defeat The Duke of the Depths
Defeat the Fear Golem

Both of these are kind of a pita to get to, as the pathing in this zone is resonably annoying,
and it requires swimming to get to either of them.
There is however an alternative route, but this requires some ingenuity to figure out.

The Duke is a simple Tank 'n Spank. The Fear Golem however is a tricky one, and will require some effort to defeat. He casts root a lot on main tank. Whatever AOE's he casts seem to be directional of tank.

The Reward

The actual reward is the loot are (can) get from these mobs.
Nevertheless when you do manage to defeat both, and with that complete the task, you'll be rewarded with :

Guk Purest Ore (5,000,000 Guk Points).jpg

Congratulations on Finishing this mission!

Loot Examples

Here are some loot examples that show this zone is worth doing :

Fear Golem Head.jpg Shield of the Fear Golem.jpg Bear Eating Contest Winner 2017.jpg