Time Travel Mission 1

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NPC to start this Task

Word up Front

Serious FYI : This zone is an absolute trip! It can actually be nauseating after a while if you are sensitive to that!
This has to do with the fact that the zone (background) spins, below you'll see what the zone looks like.

This NPC can be found in Barren, and gives a (raid) mission that should whip up some nostalgia for those that played EQ in the olden days.
Qua difficulty this mission scales to in between the Dragon Necropolis missions, and Kael Drakkal,
So it is the second toughest mission there currently is!
Despite that, this zone can be harder to accomplish due to it's severe limitations in space.

When talking to her, she actually reveals a bit of a sad story :
I am a Master of Time, there are many missions that I can give you, but I can only see the [first] mission right now.
When you click on first she will reveal the following :
This first Mission takes you back to a time when Plane of Justice was the player hub back when the server only had a few basic zones.
The old remnants of the NPC's are there, but have turned EVIL due to bitterness, are you [
willing] to defeat them?
Clicking on willing will get you the mission

None of these bosses actually drop anything, and each one of them has the maximum amount of Two Billion HP.

The Mission

Inside the mission you will encounter 18 Bosses!
The quest however, only requires you to kill 17!

Here's a rough Panoramic view of the zone.

Time Travel Mission 1.jpg

Click the picture to go to the picture page, and be able to view the full-size version.

Here are the bosses you are going to encounter, AND be required to kill to finish this mission!

They are displayed from LEFT to RIGHT

Translocate Tipt.jpg Translocate Arena.jpg Translocate KFC.jpg Translocate Karnors Castle.jpg

Jimbo Franks.jpg Mini Stack.jpg Elise Riggs.jpg

Queen Nicole.jpg King Mortenson.jpg

This one is not listed as a required mission kill Historian Ryok.jpg Alex the Head Smasher.jpg

Translocate Ssra.jpg Translocate Bastion of Thunder.jpg Translocate Temple of Veeshan.jpg Translocate Unrest.jpg

Translocate Sebilis.jpg Translocate Plane of Fire.jpg

All of these mobs are NOT linked together, but WILL social agro.
So you need to pacify them to be able to get single pulls.
This also means you have very little room to set up your raid, due to agro range.
There is also a matter for LoS (Line of Sight) for the skeletons on the platforms.
As you can not target them directly from the zone in point because of an invisible wall,
you will have to pull them from in front of the stairs.
You can also use a pet pull to achieve this, but chances are the mob will get under the world fighting you.

The Reward

IF and WHEN you actually manage to complete this mission, you will be rewarded with :

Refined Guk Ore (2,500,000 Guk Points).jpg

Besides that, A Chest will spawn, which will hold some absolutely crazy rewards!

Super congratulations on finishing this mission!!