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Welcome to the New Player Guide.
If you are absolutely brand new to Everquest, and/or EqEmulator, this is the guide you'll want to read!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in game! We don't bite (much)!


Raid Addicts is one of the longest-running EverQuest Emulator Servers around.
The servers GM, is Mortenson.
If you have problems with your character, that nobody can help you with via asking in /ooc, you will have to contact him.
Or you can always try if there is a guide present to perhaps help you out.
If there is something inaccurate about the information on the wiki, or if things need to be updated, please contact him.

There is a lot of information to process regarding this game, so please take your time to familiarize yourself with it.
This guide is also a lot to take in, but should provide you with a proper basic know-how.

Getting started

Now, first of all, welcome to Everquest, or so an emulated version of :)
Hopefully, you already have learned / figured out how to create an account to play on EqEmu,
If you have not, please glance over this step on how to create an account on Eqemu,

Getting The Client To Play

(and please pay attention that you run the RoF2 client, which you can find Right here, or over here).

Or can get client this way will be 100% clean using DepotDownloader).

To use it DL it off Github unzip in its folder open a command prompt in same folder the depotdownloader.exe. Then you need do this type in this and use your STEAM user and pass where says to put in your info depotdownloader.exe -app 205710 -depot 205711 -manifest 1926608638440811669 -username USERHERE -password PASSHERE

If you actually need help on what to do with making a character, or what it looks like, here is an Example Video.
Additional parts that might help you, are the Returning Players section.

Getting MQ2

You can also make use of Macroquest, which you can download a proper version of Right here,
and find an extensive guide on how to use here.
Keep in mind thought that this is a lot to take in, and is basically designed to allow you to box multiple characters (which requires multiple accounts).
When boxing multiple characters, a helpful program for managing your windows task bar is: Taskbar Tweaker

When you do eventually get in the game, you'll find yourself in Vex Thal, and probably overwhelmed with information and windows on your screen.
This however is something for the end of this guide.

Topics that are going to be treated

  • Walkthrough of the basics.

Here we will go through the basic things you should do to get properly started.

  • Experience and Loot.

A short overview what that means.

  • Chat commands.

What are some of the useful commands to know.

  • Inventory.

Here we will discuss what it is good for, and what you do with it.

  • Items and usage.

Here you will learn information on items, and their information.

  • AA's (Alternate Advancement).

Here we will learn what they mean and do.

  • Skills and Discs.

What do these do.

  • Spells.

A Little how and what.

  • Augmentations.

What are these, and how do you use them.

  • Guk points and purchases.

In this final topic we discuss what they are and what to do with them.

Walkthrough of the Basics

You should know that your UI (User Interface) is almost completely customizable.
Meaning you can drag your chat windows around to where you like them to be, and the hotbars and other windows of course as well.
You should start with this to set it to how you like.
You can easily create more chat windows by simply right clicking on the top border (where it says Main Chat, or Other Chat),
and choosing New Chat Window from the drop down menu.
You should also note the bottom 4 options, Filters, Channel, Language, and Hit Modes.
Try to familiarize yourself with these settings to filter out what you want displayed in which chat window.

You also have an EQ button.jpgEQ Button, which you can click for a drop down menu with many options.

You can ignore the SC button, as this is only applicable in the Live version of this game.
The same goes for the following options in the drop down menu from the EQ button,
like Marketplace, Mercenaries, Real Estate, Storyline,Mail, Claims, Polls, Alert History, and Help.
In the drop down menu you have several side menu's, you should also familiarize yourself with some of these,
as they contain options you are going to want / need.

An important one is the Actions > Hotkeys (also known as hotbars or menu bars).
These allow you to put buttons on, for you to use, by either your mouse or keyboard combinations.
The first hotbar keys are used by the numbers displayed on them (1 through 0, and - and =),
other hotbars have to be either set for hotkeys, or can simply be clicked with your mouse.
You will come across more information regarding this throughout this guide.

Another important option is the Options <Alt O>.
With this, you get a new window, which features A LOT of stuff, and especially tabs like Keys, which you use to customize your movement keys, action and interaction keys.
Filters, Important to show or hide information that comes by in your chat windows, and Colors, which are very handy for customizing certain text colors.
You can Group, Raid, or Guild with other people.
A Group means a gathering of max 6 people, to do things together, and most importantly, share experience gained.
A Raid means a gathering of max 72 people, also to do things together, but most importantly, to take on strong opponents, and also share experience.
A Guild is a community of people that can vary from different nations to country's to time zones, that is basically it, it has no superior advantages.

Experience and Loot

When you kill opponents, you will gain experience. Exp on this server is the same whether solo, group or in raid.
Of course this will go a lot faster when you are low level, than when you are higher.
With each level you gain, your statistics rise, and you can further increase your skills,
and if you are a caster or a hybrid, you gain spells you can use (not everyone gets new spells each level).
Your spells and skills will be automatically scribed for you up until level 88!
Later on in this guide we will further discuss spells.

When you kill a mob, you can right click it to loot.
Unless this corpse has no loot, then the corpse will disappear within seconds after its death.
When you can loot something from the corpse, you don't actually have to if you don't want to.
- You can loot items by either right clicking, and it will be automatically stored in your inventory,
or automatically equipped if you can use it, and have nothing equipped in the designated slot.
- Or you can left click it, and manually place it in your inventory, or bags.
No drop items, will always ask for confirmation to be looted. (Unless you turn this off in the Options menu).

Loot can be sold to various merchants throughout the game.
Note though that not every merchant will take anything, and no drop items cannot be sold at all.
You'll encounter plenty of these in Vex Thal, and the Player Hub, Barren.
Merchants also can offer a variety of items for you to use.
To interact with merchants, simply right click on them when standing close to them.

Chat Commands

Some of the important commands you should know are the following :
You can initiate any of them by starting with a / in front of it (ie : /say).

  • Consider : Simply target any mob, (by clicking on it with your mouse, or using the either default key, or key set by you in the options window),

and press the C button to see text of how this opponent thinks of you,
and how strong he, she, or it is, and with that if it is wise to try and engage in combat with them.

  • Hail : Simply target any npc, and press the H button to Hail them.

This will allow you to interact with them, to get quests, tasks, and missions.
Not every npc has something to say, but for quest/mission npcs, this is the proper start.

  • Say (/say): This stands for itself.
  • Ooc (/ooc): Out of Character. This is a serverwide chat, so anyone can read it and participate in it.
  • Shout (/shout): This is what it says, shouting, this chat is zonewide, not serverwide, most people do not use it though.
  • Group (/g): This is used to chat with group members.
  • Guild (/gu): This is used to chat with guildmembers, should you be invited to one.
  • Tell / Private Message (/tell <name> ie: /tell Mortenson hello).
  • Raid speak (/rsay): This allows you to speak to the entire raid, should you be invited to one.

Invite to group : /invite <name> (ie : /invite Mortenson). The designated person HAS to be in the same zone as you.
Invite to Raid : /raidinvite <name> (ie : /Raidinvite Mortenson). The designated person also HAS to be in the same zone as you.
Invite to Guild : /guildinvite <name> (ie : /guildinvite Mortenson). The designated person also HAS to be in the same zone as you.


Open your inventory (by either the default key found in the options window, or by the key you set for it).
This is one of the windows used most throughout the entire game.
In there you'll find information regarding your character, the items you (can) equip, and the space to carry things.
You'll also see several buttons on the bottom, some of which you can ignore.
These are the following : Consume Krono, Plot items, Dye. These basically also only are active in the live version.

On the left side of this window, you'll see your stats.
(You can also hover your mouse over these names to see a game explain of what it does).
Basically it goes, the more you have of each (some stats are of no use to certain classes), the better.

  • HP = Hitpoints :

The more you have, the more hits you can take.

  • MP = Manapoints :

This is being used when casting spells (if you are a caster, or hybrid class).

  • EN = Endurance :

This determines how long you can perform physical skills (for example use disciplines).

  • AC = Armor Class :

The more you have, the better you are protected from getting hit hard. So for example, you are level 10 with 500 AC, and a level 10 mob could hit you (reasonably often) for a max 500 HP.
Facing that same level mob at level 10, but with 2000 AC, would result in him barely hitting you, and when he does, for a lot less.

  • ATK = Attack :

The more you have, the more successful you can use your weapons (you hit more often that then you miss).

  • STR = Strength :

This has an impact on how much you can carry, how hard you hit, and how much Endurance you have.

  • STA = Stamina :

This has an influence on your Hitpoints and also Endurance.

  • AGI = Agility :

This has an effect on your AC total, and how well you avoid being hit.

  • DEX = Dexterity :

This effects how well your melee skills increase, and the proc rate of weapon effects.

  • WIS = Wisdom :

This is for certain classes (like Cleric, Paladin), and determines your Mana total, and increases your chance to improve at casting skills.

  • INT = Intelligence :

This is for certain classes opposite of wisdom users (like Necromancer, Shadowknight), also determines your Mana total, and also increases your chance to improve at casting skills.

  • CHA = Charisma :

This CAN have an effect on prices at merchants, how they think of you, but is a most important feature for Bards and Enchanters, for their use of Charm and Mesmerize spells and abilities.

  • Poison, Magic, Disease, Fire, Cold and Corrupt(ion) :

These stats determine how well you can resist effects cast / used by npcs on you.

Throughout your adventures, you'll come across more and more gear that will be upgrades to you.
This window is where you place them. You can right click and hold on an item to see it's statistics.
This lets you easily compare if it is worth replacing with a potential new item.

For example :

SK Weapon 1.jpg VS SK Weapon 2.jpg

Say you are wielding the left one, and you get your hands on the right one.
You can see that the right one has AC, a lot more hp, mana, and other stats, and a higher base dmg and less delay.
And a clicky effect, we will get around to that later, for now the point with this example being that the 2nd weapon is an upgrade.

On the right side, you have your carry space.
This is, as you can see, quickly filled due to the limit of slots,
but those slots can also contain bags, or boxes, to improve your carry space.
Here are some examples :

Backpack.jpg Backpack 2.jpg - Bag of the Tinkerer.jpg Bag of the Tinkerer 2.jpg - Deluxe Toolbox.jpg Deluxe Toolbox 2.jpg

The difference between these is the weight of themselves, Weight Reduction (meaning items will weigh that amount of % less when in that bag),
and the Size Cap(acity). Some items will be labeled as Large, or Giant, meaning they will not fit in the 1st Backpack.

Items and Usage

As mentioned in the above examples with the weapons, the one on the right has a clicky effect.
This means the item can be right clicked to apply the effect.
Clicky effects can occur on weapons, armor, or non vis armor (non vis means not visable armor like earrings, rings, shoulders etc).
In some cases, items need to be equipped in order to be able to apply the effect.
In some other cases, items require a target, which means it can be either a buff, or a negative effect, for on mobs.
These items (and any item basically, but useless if no click effect on them), can be linked to your hotbar.
To do this, left click and hold an item, until you get a small square on your mouse cursor (like so : Icon.jpg),
and then left click when hovering above an available slot on your hotbar.
From here on out you can use this item's click effect from the hotbar, assuming it is equipped if it requires so to be used.

You will also notice Level indications on items.
This can be either displayed as Rec Level, or Req Level.
Rec Level means Recommended Level. This means while you can use the item if you are not yet at that level,
It will not be as effective as when you are the recommended level.
Req Level means Required Level. This means you CAN benefit from the item's stats (like str and such),
but it will not give you the proper protection, or in case of a weapon, will not allow you to do damage with if below the Req level.

Some items (mostly weapons, and more towards endgame), will display both Rec and Req Level as 100.
A lot of these items actually REQUIRE level 103, or even level 105 to be used.
This is not displayed though, due to Everquest's setting itself, there is nothing that can be done regarding this for now.
If and when in the future newer EQ clients will be used, this might change.
To find out which actual levels some of these items have, use the Allah site.
On there you'll find an instruction video (and written link above it), on how to use it.

Some items even have a certain level REQUIREMENT, and have a clicky, or proc effect that has an even higher level requirement.
In this case it means you can use the weapon at the required level, but not the click or proc effect.

Alternate Advancement


As indicated, this is an alternate way to advance your character even further.
These stack with your current statistics.
AA's (as they are mostly called), cannot be accessed or used until level 50 and further.
Even then a lot of them require higher levels to be obtained.
Certain AA's require other ones to be spend first, you can easily see this by selecting one,
and reading the information in the lower part of the window.
Most AA's are passive, meaning they will simply enhance you with said ability.
Others are activated. Meaning once you spend the required points in them,
you can make a hotkey, and put this on your hotbar for you to use.
Keep in mind though that most have a certain reuse timer.

To obtain AA's, you can do 2 things.
Either turn your Exp to AA (right top side of the window) on, (which you shouldn't, as this is basically for the Live version only),
Or (this is the normal choice here), turn in AA Tokens.

AA Tokens.jpg

AA Ron

As visible, these can be found in versions of 50 points, all the way up to 10.000 points.
You will find these all over throughout the game.
To make use of these, you can turn them in, by talking to AA Ron in Barren and tell him Exchange.
Of course, there is only so many AA's you need.
After that you can gather them for other useful purposes, which you can find out by talking more to Ron.

Skills and Discs

Combat Abilities.jpg

Melee and Hybrid classes have Discs.
These can be found under the EQ button > Actions > Combat Abilities (top choice), or ALT C.
These are temporary effects, to boost your character.
There is a certain variety, but mostly it's a big boost to either offensive or defensive.
These vary very much per class, and so is impossible to describe which is / does what.
In the Combat Abilities window, to "scribe" discs, you can do two things.
Keep in mind that the amount of discs you have, depends a lot on your class, and level.
Either right click on an empty square, and follow the menu options,
Or click on the small S, to get another window with described combat skills, and needed information.


As said before, IF you are a hybrid or caster, you will gain spells (almost) every level.
As also said before, these will automatically be scribed in your spellbook up to level 88.
There are 2 ways you can memorize these into your spellbar.


In the example you can see a drop down menu on the top.
(This drop down menu of course differs per class, and of course your level at the time)
-- You can do this by right clicking in the empty slot, and going with your mouse over the proper selection, and into the next menu.
In each category, you'll most likely find another subcategory menu, and in the next section, the actual spells fitting in those categories.
Along with the levels and the names of the spell.
-- Another way to do this, is by clicking the tiny spellbook at the bottom (indicated with an arrow).
This opens up your spellbook, with your scribed spells.
In there, simply left click on the spell you want, and an icon of that spell will pop up on your mouse cursor, like the example in the Items and Usage section.
Then left click it on your spellbar where you want it, and it will memorize the spell.
To delete a spell from your spellbar, simply right click on it, and it will disapear.
To Scribe a new spell (after level 88) to your spellbook,
Simply have the designated spell on your mouse, and left click on an empty slot in your spellbook.

You can also Memorize spell SETS in your spellbar.
This will come in handy at later levels, especially if you have a certain amount of buffs, and nukes/dispels/dots/heals, that do not fit all together at once.
How you can do this is simple. When you have memorized the spells you want, then right click on the tiny spellbook at the bottom.
You'll get a menu to choose from, with options to Load, Save, or Delete a spell set.
Click the save option, give a name to the spellset, and it's saved. Now you can delete the loaded spells, and memorize others. If you want to load the previous ones, or the correct set,
right click the tiny spellbook icon, click load, and select the one you saved, and it will automatically load your save.


Across your adventures, you will come across lots of items, and also Augments.
Most of the items you come across, have Augment slots, meaning you can put an augment in there, to further enhance the item.
The augment slot has to match the slot on the item though, and must be usable on the item.
Here are some examples.

Prismatic Crystal Fragment.jpg

As you can see in the information, this augment is suited to fit in slot 3, slot 7, and slot 8.
On the top of the window, you also see another list of slots it can fit in.
The item you are going to try to aug, has to be listed in there.
Also notice that this aug has a Req level of 65, meaning you cannot use it on an item before that level.

Here is another example.

Slot 16 aug.jpg

As you can see in this example, this aug can ONLY be used in a slot 16 aug slot, and ONLY on arms.
So you can have an arms armor part, if it does not have a slot 16 augmentation slot, this aug does not fit in it.
You can also notice the Rec and Req level saying 100, that is because this example comes from a higher level zone.

You can fit multiple augs to items, if they have the matching slots.

Here is an example of that.

Worn Desert Plate Vambraces.jpg

You see this contains a slot 7, slot 16, and slot 17.
And all are filled with proper and matching augs.
As you can read by the name of the slot 16 and slot 17 augs, and the name / icon of the item itself.

To put augs into an item, follow the below steps

- simply pick up the aug with your mouse, and click it into the proper slot of the item.
If the item has a matching slot, it will become yellow when you pick up the aug.

Here is an example of that.

Orange Augged item.jpg

You can also remove augmentations, to replace them with better ones.
As you might have noticed before, in the example of the prismatic crystal fragment, you need a certain distiller to do so.

The Godly Augmentation Distiller.jpg

This distiller can be bought in Barren, from General Jordan.
These are pretty pricy, so in your early days, be smart with augging :)

Guk Points and Purchases

Guk points is another thing that is very valuable on this server.
It is the main source of upgrades and enhancing of your character.
These, like AA tokens, can also be found throughout the game.
The higher / tougher the missions / zones you will do, the higher the guk tokens you'll be rewarded with.
Tokens can vary from 5000 points, to 10,000,000 Points (as shown in below examples).

A Small Box of Guk Coins (5000 Points).jpg-Diamond Coated Guk Ore (10,000,000 Guk Points).jpg

Justin Kohski

To use these tokens, talk to Justin Kohski (in Vex Thal or Barren), and/or Nancy Bolick in Barren,
and tell him or her Exchange, to turn over your points so you can spend them.
In Barren, you can also find Justin's Brother Kehn.
He has the items that run up to LOT higher prices, and are more so meant for later levels and content.
Items bought from both vendors vary from armor, to non vis armor, to augmentations and weapons.
It is important to yourself to figure out what you should benefit from spending guk points.


I realize this extensive guide is a lot to take it, but hopefully it gives you a solid base to start playing.
Once you feel ready for it, you can start playing, and as indicated in the beginning, you'll start in Vex Thal.
Good luck to you, and don't hestitate to call for help in game should you need it!.