Kurn's Tower

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NPC to start this Task

Word up Front

Like the Veksar mission, this mission also starts in Lake of Ill Omen.
Upon hailing him, and clicking the 'trouble' option, followed by the 'destroy' option, will get you this mission.
This zone is sort of in it's own league.
The trash is really easy, and gives around 2K to 8K plat per kill.
The named however are quite somewhat tougher, comparable to Ashengate.
To give an example, a Shadowknight with 170K AC, will get hit for around 131K dmg max hits, average for 28K dmg.
In offensive, hits go up to 393K dmg, with average hits of around 98K dmg.

If you can handle it, you can easily pull several at a time, since these will social agro.
The agro range they have is quite low though, and if it is too much, you can easily pacify them.

In here, like in Veksar, the pathways are tedious to nagivate around.

The Task

The Quest reads as following :

  • Kill 100 Kurn Residents
  • Kill 1 The Bad Bear
  • Kill 1 Xantok the Mad.
Xantok, who can be found on the top floor
The Bad Bear, who can be found down in the basement

Xantok is at top of tower, nothing special. Clear room, tank and spank. The Bad Bear is in the basement.

The Reward

Besides ofcourse the plat and loot you achieve for doing this mission,
When you finish your last kill, you will be rewarded with :

Refined Guk Ore (2,500,000 Guk Points).jpg

Loot Examples

Here are some examples of loot that can be found in here :

Xantok's Symbol of Death.jpg Skull of Xantok.jpg