Benny's Beef

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This quest should be "easy" to complete at around level 30+ with gear.

The quest task reads as following:

* Loot 1 Beef from the Werewolf in the South Wing

Follow the south hallway past Warlord Zok, untill you get to the first open area.
There you will encounter Grunge the Terror.

Kill it, and he will drop some items, and 3x Benny's Beef (lore, no trade apple-pie).
Loot one of them, and your journal will update.
Despite this being the South hallway Werewolf, your Betray Benny quest will also update upon looting this.
Since these pie's are lore, you can only hand it in to either Benny, or Guide Gregory.
Both quests are repeatable, so you can simply kill either of the Werewolves again to loot another pie.

Upon turning the pie into Benny, your quest will end, but your Betray Benny quest will remain active.
If you do not wish to finish this, simply delete it.

you will be rewarded with Benny's Sword.

It's actually called Benny's Soup Stirrer

This is a pretty decent sword for the level!