Server Information

Raid Addicts is an EverQuest emulated server operated, developed, and maintained by the community, for the community!

Please Note you will need the ROF2 Client in order to play here as well as the Server files. Information about getting the client can be found here:

Make sure you get server files once you get the client downloaded so it will work with the server This server features custom content from level 1 to level 125, a completely custom experience unlike any other.

Bots/Mercs are available, but they must be quested for. Boxing is allowed, the maximum limit you can box is 19 Experience has been increased, as has alternate advancement experience.

For the Raid Addicts Discord Channel Click here.

Server Rules

Whining about not being able to kill something, or not liking the way something looks is not productive and will be ignored or we might mute you since complaining is pretty much the same as causing drama which brings us to rule #2

Out of Character Chat is a drama free zone, if you cause problems there, you will be muted, if it continues you could be subject to ban. This includes talking in discord , all players need to request discord chat allowance and when they are approved this means they need to follow the same no drama rules as if you were in game.

Racist comments, Religious or Political discussions are not allowed to be discussed in OOC
Dirty discussions are not allowed in OOC (Common Sense though, sometimes it's ok but keep it to a minimum children play here so you can be more loose after 8PM Eastern Time) NOTE: I will decide who is abusing this rule.

MacroQuest is allowed; however, AFK botting or macroing while AFK are NOT ok, either will result in a permanent account and IP ban. (afk buff bot on a character setup as a macro is cool in the player HUB)

Warping is allowed but only for the use of auto-loot and if you are stuck and only while you are at keyboard.  Warping to bypass content is not allowed on the server and will be cause for a permanent ban if we hear of you doing it.